Friday, July 24, 2020

Cherish The Simple Joys

Simple Joys: My Daughter Travelled To Accra and Got me This
Simple Joys: My Daughter Travelled To Accra and Got me This :)

ALWAYS find something to be happy about, however small.

Don’t get it twisted, money is a wonderful thing for all the monetary reasons. And also, for the extra leg room in aeroplanes, corn fed prime beef barbecue, avocado sandwiches and decadent celebratory champagne showers. And Cohiba cigars.

But life has it’s yin and yang, both part of a total experience. Having a good time need not cost a lot of money, what one needs is a trained palate. A cultured mind will know that happiness can enjoyed in both the previously mentioned experiences as well as in a communal feast of roast corn on the cob or plantain baked its skin. That summer in Europe is just as swell as Christmas in your home town. That the most important things are not price tags or things but experiences and the people we share them with.

A very wise elder once advised a younger me that everything one has and values which can be taken away from our grasps will be (taken) eventually. Health, wealth, life. Rather that struggle with this eventuality, embrace it with gusto. Use your body like a prized vehicle, caring for and fine tuning it so that you can enjoy the maximum pleasure therefrom and for as long as possible. Plan to earn and give away as much wealth as possible while you are alive, while you can see the joy in the faces of your beneficiaries. Buy the gift now rather than bequeath it with your estate. Live your life so thoroughly that when the time comes, you are totally at peace that one life is enough.

Let those you love know you love them. Do not take the love of your lovers lightly,

Find a hobby that gives you a tremendous shot of dopamine at very little cost, preferably by doing something of benefit to others. Paint, draw, sing, play a musical instrument. Personally, I took up making barbecue and discovered there was much more joy in the smell and sight of slow cooking meat over burning charcoal than in the meal itself. And joy of watching them lick their fingers!


Develop a personal spiritual experience that nobody can take away from you. I’ve seen people change their mind from one religious organisation to another; it is only when you lose faith in yourself and your purpose in life that your mental health becomes at risk.

Learn to be able to stay at peace in a room of your own. The Yorubas say that it is in confusion that we look upwards; there is no secret wisdom hidden in the rafters. You have all you need to propel you to become whatever you want, hidden inside you, and you have a life time to discover it.

One of the most wonderful experiences I had in my life so far was sitting in the balcony of our family house with my mother, sharing a magical moment, drinking a bottle of Guinness small stout apiece.

Two bottles of Guinness small stout: Five Hundred Naira

Real conversation with my mother, three months before she died: Priceless.

There are some things money can’t buy.

Now I only pray to have it become a ritual with my children as adults.

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