Monday, July 20, 2020

Protecting Your Dreams

Dreamcatcher: Charm used by American Indians

Your desire for success is like planting a seed.  

In the Bible, there is the story of the guy who went about planting seeds everywhere, even on rocky hard places. Good for him but you are not him. You have limited seeds and time. Protect your dreams. Before you plant, you need to do a proper soil test, read the meteorological forecasts. Then you start by planting the seed in a nursery and nurturing it till it’s strong enough to go outside. Call it a stealth launch. 

There is a right way of starting out, find it. 

There is this story I heard about my favourite band. The Roots. Years before they became stars and all that, they were at a concert of their favourite band and they got an opportunity to go back stage to meet the big stars, sign autographs and do what fans do. But they passed.

See, they had this dream that one day, they’ll be collaborators, they and their dream band, and that one day the story will be written and it will be history. How The Roots met the X band (I can’t remember the name). They didn’t just want to meet as fans, they wanted to meet as collaborators and colleagues. So they passed up the first opportunity and instead worked on their craft, worked on realising their dreams, which in fact they did. That’s how you build a team that stays relevant in the music scene for twenty years and counting.

One day, you too are going to make history. Believe me. 

Before you get there, there are people you need to attract but who can’t come in yet if there are no vacancies in your life. So, you should also get rid of the negative people in your life, those who think you can’t make it. Since we are being drastic, get rid of all the shady people too.  Mentally put them in the outside circle. Instead, surround yourself with enthusiastic supporters, even if it’s only one. Even if it’s you alone. When it comes to friendships, like actually attract like and it gets better.

There are shortcuts you are going to pass up just because you know that should not make it into your biography. For example, every body like a sex tape but maybe you shouldn’t make one. And say no to drugs. It’s hard, I know, but when you become made and famous, you don’t need that back story. Give yourself higher standards, like you are already the ish. You know that phrase, “fake it till you make it”? This is what it means, it is not about living a lie. Live up to a higher performance standard until it becomes your normal.  

Protect your dreams with zeal. It is rough out there and if you don’t, nobody else will. 

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