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You Have To Help Yourself

Be In It To Win It
Be In It To Win It

Most times you have to help God to help you. 

There is story about a guy who would go to temple everyday and pray. He went so often, night and day, that the Rabbi (Teacher) noticed him and started to pray for this man too. Perhaps he had a family problem or an incurable illness? Perhaps he was being pursued by enemies? Whatever it was, the Rabbi asked God to answer this man’s prayers.

After a few months of this man coming everyday without a respite, the Rabbi moved closer and heard this man praying aloud “God help me!” over and over again. So after the days prayers, he approached the man and asked him, “Sir, what is your prayer request, that brings you to the temple everyday?”

“Oh Rabbi, I come everyday to pray the God help me to win Mega Million lottery. I have been praying everyday but the Lord has not once responded”, he replied, sighing deeply.

“But have you bought the tickets? Give God a chance”, the Rabbi replied.

In the journey from where you are to where you want to be, you will invariably need the help of a lot of people to get ahead. They will give you opportunities to prove yourself, refer you for jobs, give you references. You will need people to allow you make use of their time, money and connections. There is nothing like a self made man. You need friends in the right places to give you leverage. This is not something you should take lightly. A lot of people are talented and hard-working but opportunity is not evenly distributed. Every access you have is your privilege.

But you are still responsible for the direction and tempo of your drive. Up until you have access, it is your responsibility to get your hustle on and prepare for the day of your whale opportunity.

Imagine you are in the elevator with the richest man in your city today and he asks you, “What are you working on?” An elevator ride is just a few minutes, maximum ten. What will you say? What will you pitch him that will be big enough to interest him and will answer his requirement for WIIFM (What’s in it for me?”). Yes, being altruistic is all that but it is also human nature to expect to get something in return.

Start thinking about that project you are going to pitch in the elevator now. Better still, start doing something about it. Research the business. Draw up a business plan. Look for people that will give you a leg in either as an employee, a broker or an agent. Intern for free if you can afford it, especially if the opportunity is bright. By all means keep hustling towards your goal, building bridges, making incremental progress that keeps having a compounding effect over time.

I’m not promising you that you will meet the richest man in your city in an elevator. I’m not asking you to buy lottery tickets, Lord NO!. What I can promise you is that if you follow the plan in the last paragraph, one day in the future you might look at your reflection in an elevator and realise that rich man is you. No definite promises but your chances are that good.


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