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See The World As It Is

beware of dogma
Beware of Dogma

One of the major challenges of living is being able to see the world exactly as it is. Too often, we see what is projected. Let's do an experiment. What is the colour of your skin?
What ever is your shade or tint of the human pigment, it certainly is not white or black. Yet mainstream media persists in pushing the prevalent ideology of this non existent absolute skin pigments just as it pushes other extremes of good and bad, faithful and infidel, friend and foe, us against the others, what matters and what does not matter. 

Recently, some one asked me if I was black lives matter or all lives matters. I replied that there were too types of people, those let the public mood determine for them what matters and those who think for themselves.  Don't get me wrong.

There are clearly many situations where the crowd is right or wrong. And then, all revelations first occur to the individuals before they are shared and spread. If you are not listening to your self, if you are not seeing for yourself, you are losing your relevance as a receptacle of the oracles in life .

Next time someone asks you which side you are on , on any issue, do not be like dumb driven cattle, choose to be on your side. You want to be the kind of person who can judge his heroes with the same measure that he judges his adversaries. Warning, that attitude tends to make your heroes fallible and your adversaries human .

Be pragmatic and realise that there are not good or bad people, all people do good and bad and that even the judgement on what is good or bad is relative. 

Today we cringe to think that racism was once common sense. What obnoxious dogma do accept now that will embarrass our grandchildren? You can't begin to see it unless you get rid of the tinted lenses of social absolutes the society has prescribed for us all. 

See for yourself, think for yourself. See things not as they are labeled but as a they are and you will soon discover why the fascists are afraid of independent thinkers. 


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