Thursday, February 11, 2021

Improving The Odds.

 The odds is a function of probability of failure over attempts. Failure is defined as losing your stake, your money, your pot. If you are losing money, don't believe however it is being spun. Progress is binary; either you are having it or not. The key thing however is to play in a winnable game and then to win.  

While every game has a potential for a victory or a loss, tables are not born equal. Some games of chance are more profitable , less risky or more fair than others. Some competitors cheat less. Some games can't be won so they give you consolation prizes. When you play stupid games , you win silly prizes like Participation Certificates. 

A common problem is when you think you are playing with friends but they were all along scheming against you.  Iceberg Slim talked about this scam in his book, Pimp: The Story of My Life. David Chappelle talked about it on why he left the Chappelle Show. Make sure your friends are on your side or you are better off playing without them. Leave the losing crap table.

The Gabler

Also, don't bet the house or bet against the house.  Never play the Last Game. In the movies, it looks dramatic to push all chips on the table and bet it all. In real life, it is stupidity bordering on insanity. Enough said.

When you are having a streak of loses, there is a secret trick to stop the poor deal flow; get up. Leave. Take a walk to clear your head. Leaving the table gives you the right perspective to evaluate whether you are dealing with fair odds.

If this is the case, that you are in fact dealing with unfair odds, there is a strong temptation to rage against the system. Don't yield to that temptation; utilise your anger in more constructive ways. 

There is a proven system of improving your odds every time. It is called, changing the game. There are more games you have not played than that you will ever. This fact gives you infinite opportunities to up your odds. There are more tables and people and places you have not played on and against , giving you infinite opportunities to up your odds by changing your location. Don't let lethargy or inertia keep you on a losing crap table. Take a walk, you can do better.

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